Sunday, September 21, 2014

[Tale of the Heike] is hard

Man, I really want to like this, or even be able to tell you what is happening, but there are just so many names flying around and it's hard to care. Maybe it actually is hard to care. Is there a Dunbar number of literary characters in a single work? That said, I can't imagine that I really have or could have stable social relationships with 150 people so maybe I am social inept. In that case, maybe it's hard for me to keep tabs on characters in books, too. I could take copious notes and write summaries and spend lots of time on this, but maybe now is just not the time. I think I'm gonna abandon it for now. Seems like saving forced reading with lots of effort for situations like the book club (not that I expect the book club books to always be slogs; the first one certainly wasn't) where I know I will have a chance to at least discuss it with people. Even if I hack my way through it I don't think the way it is will do me much good. It's too bad because embedded in the book are some interesting ideas and quotes, but the book itself is kinda killing me, haha. Like the Bible, basically, which incidentally, I also haven't read much of. That said, though, if I ever wanted to study the Bible all I'd have to do is go to Church. (Just tweeted.)

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