Sunday, September 14, 2014

Middle of a three-dayer

Cars going by outside.

This afternoon I got a haircut and then ate dried fruit cheesecake. After that I came home and putzed with a personal translation project for a while. Had some toast, nuts, and half an apple for dinner and popped in a DVD. I rented a DVD today! I watched the movie that will be the topic of the book club meeting that I am missing.


Things I thought while watching this movie:

- "We're acting!"

- "Scenery!"

- It's so sad (by which I mean, boo-hoo sad, but also pathetic) that the romance shit had to happen that way, but I get it.

- Poor protagonist girl.

-  I dunno what the original intention was, but from how over-the-top the shot of the house being firebombed was, it felt like some really super hokey symbol of the household harmony breakdown. Felt kinda yucky.

- How did he not have even an inkling of what the letter was?

- I wonder if people have conflicting ideas on what the "little sin" was. To me it was her lie to the mom about having turned over the letter. But I'm torn on whether he thinks it is a sin more because the lie made the mom unhappy or more because she herself liked him. It got a little hard to tell how good of a maid she was being at the end.

- Actually, I think the best actor in the movie was the guy who played Itakura. He had the immature "spine in the wrong place" thing down pat. Also, I know it's not that hard, but considering I don't watch that many movies I'm pretty proud of myself for spotting him as the writer from ALWAYS三丁目の夕日. (Is this the official English title? What a debate we could have about that.)

- It annoys me that peeps never get married. You wouldn't say you'd lived too long if you had moved on. You just hung on to rough memories for WAY too long.

- PS - Who is this kid who visits this old lady all the time? Like it's so nice of him, but do people like that exist nowadays? He keeps haranguing the old lady about embellishing the truth in her memoir, but to me his very presence is the most belief-suspension-disrupting part of the whole story.


So yeah, I don't get to go the book club, cuz I'll be in the states, so I dunno what other people think about this movie. If you have any thoughts, please share. I haven't read the book.

Stayed up later than I wanted to. Hungry -_-

But let's see, I think I had a better day than I thought I would. Tomorrow I don't have to go to the office, but since I didn't work at all on manga yesterday or today I kinda gotta get on that.

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