Friday, September 19, 2014

Recent flix with spoilers

The Other Woman

I watched this on the plane. Basically I was interested in the scenario because when I was casually dating a guy I used to think it would be fun to meet all his other casual dates and bond. This movie is different because it real cheating, but they sure bonded, just like you'd expect rich girly girls to bond, I guess? I don't really get girls. Anyways, I thought it was fine until they started pulling all the immature and offensive pranks. Like hormones? They fed him hormones? Nevermind how they got them, it goes past immature to just wrong. So I dunno. Overall I think it was a stupid movie, but it's interesting to watch stupid movies now and then to see what kind of movies are being made,  I think. That is the other reason I chose this.

The Fault In Our Stars

This one was also available on the plane, but I specifically avoided it because it's about two teenagers with cancer who falls in love. I didn't really feel like getting sad. But I was fated to because my mom has apparently been waiting for it to come out. (I'm gonna make them watch Arsnenic and Lace tomorrow night.) Anyhow, it was a good movie. I really did enjoy it but it was just as sad as I expected. Also awkward because the two feelings I felt were:

1) Man, I really am grateful to be mostly healthy. I have my issues and am super aware that we are all terminal, but I am lucky I don't have to live on the edge like that and go through so much.

2) I am so jealous of that loooooove, mannnnn. That's where it gets awkward right? You can be jealous of dying people as long as they are in epic love. There is romantic stuff in the world, even stuff like in the movies, and it doesn't even have to be super mushy, but it just hasn't happened to me lately. I also totally agree with the idea in the movie about little infinities. Makes me kind of want to read the book, but I guess I will read the other books by the author. I'm armed with my Kindle, so…

Oh yeah, and I'm in Wisconsin for a couple WEEKS. Since I'm not in the office anytime I'm not answering email or doing work I can just screw off, so hope to read a lot. I did bring plenty of books, but I've been meaning to read some YA in English since I want to learn the kind of stuff anything YA I'd hope to translate would be up against.

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