Saturday, September 27, 2014

From the Plaza

Working on this trip has been harder than I thought it would be. Before when I was an anime news hound it was easier because I always did all my work on my laptop, anytime, anywhere and I had a friend who was also doing it and we were both always online so we could help each other out, get each other pumped, whine and cheer, etc.

For the job that I spend the most time on now, my main computer is a desktop at an office. Granted it's not as if I didn't prep the files I would need, but even more than the computer itself is just the setting of having my partner on this project right there next to me if I need to ask him anything. It was so easy to sync on stuff, but while I am in the states we are 14 hours apart and it takes a lot of organization and concentration to keep everything going under the circumstances of me already being distracted by the U.S. and feeling stir crazy about being in my mom's house (or wanting to get out of my hotel room and enjoy my limited time in the city even though I'm not technically on vacation; yesterday I did get out of the hotel, but after lunch I spent four hours in a co-working lounge uploading files.)

I'm gonna have to have a serious day on Monday, I think, to really sift through my inbox because I have the feeling I've been a little scattered, which is frustrating. Mostly because I don't want other people to feel frustrated with me; I want everything to move smoothly no matter where I am because in 2014, it should be able to, lol.


What else can I say? It's been great being in Milwaukee. When I was in college I thought I got around but it was 10-11 years ago, so there was a limit to how around I could even really get. This time I got to sample some local beers, which is something I wouldn't even have really been that interested in before. I barely drank beer at all before I went to Japan. Met up with some people I used to know and will maybe know again...

10 more days. This trip is about half over. I'm not ungrateful, but the center of my life is over there on the moon. I need to set some work goals. I really only have a week during which I can work. Been cranking out draft words for a personal translation project, but that should really come after I get my work done. I think the big issue is not having my set up. The monitor and mouse make a big difference when you are looking at tons of files. Having to push them around the screen and zoom in and out makes it pretty tedious. It's okay, though. I'll have a meeting with myself and sort it out. Things are not bad…

And finally, here is a "Like c'mon" for ya.

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