Saturday, August 09, 2014

Jogged 20 min straight for possibly the first time in my life

I originally wrote this week.

-30 seconds: *looks at phone* Ah, I'm gonna have to start jogging soon. Can I do this? I dunno if I can do this. I have to do this.

o minute: Welp, here goes.

1 minute: Ahh, this is tough. Maybe I should have waited till later, but the weather is a little cooler now so this really this is best.

3 minutes: Good will towards all men. Heart wide open.

6 minutes: I can do this.

8 minutes: I guess it's almost time to turn around. The way back is always harder, plus the sun will be in my eyes. My breathing rhythm is off.

9 minutes: Is it time yet?

10 minutes: Homeward bound. I dunno if I can do this. I'm not looking at my clock anymore because all I have to do is run till the time runs down.

x minutes: Yeah, the way back is definitely harder.

x+1 minutes: More than the breathing it's the pain in my shoulders and arms.

(various pain-related thoughts)

1 minute left warning: Great, okay, Tough it out.

20 minutes: Did it! Omigod my ovaries are trying to claw out of my body. My uterus is trying to eject. Ow, ow, ow, ow.

2 minutes into cool down: I hope my heart realizes the pain I go through to ensure it stays healthy. Will this even work? If I die of heart disease I will be so upset. There has to be some better way to exercise.

3 minutes in cool down: GOD IT HURTS.

End of cool down: Huh, so it only took the five minutes to feel better.

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