Sunday, August 31, 2014

Another tough Sunday

1) Healthy lunch with fish, veggies, mixed grain rice at one of my favorite places.
2) Tried a curry place I had never been to and it turned out to be epic comfort food.
3) Followed through on my water bottle plan so I can stop buying so much damn plastic.

Honestly though, I'm still having a really rough time on the weekends. I spent a bunch of time lying in bed either listening to jazz or napping. I hope I can sleep okay tonight. I shouldn't have napped, but it felt good to just actually give up instead of anxiously sit in front of the computer trying to force myself to work.

I say I had good curry like it was some happy thing, but honestly if I wouldn't have had the idea to bribe myself with curry for dinner, I wouldn't have gone shopping and got the filter and water bottle (I also picked up a book by an author a friend recommended me). In the end, I walked a bunch, too, so that was probably good for me, but I dunno. It shouldn't have been that hard.

Tomorrow I have to go to a recording session in the morning for a couple hours before heading back to the office in the afternoon. On my way home I'm going to swim. I got a trial gym membership, but really can't decide if I want to do the whole thing or not. In any case, if I join it'll be after I get back from the states...

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