Tuesday, July 08, 2014

My business trip to Paris in airplane movies

From the 5th until today I was in Paris on an important business trip. In the airplane it turned out I couldn't sleep very well, so I watched four movies.

On the way:

Annie Hall

For some reason I didn't realize they had any new movies I wanted to see. I guess I was sort of tired when I was glancing through them or something. Or just didn't care that much. Anyways, Air France has this handy back catalogue of interesting flicks, so I jumped on the chance to watch Annie Hall for the first time since...at least college, if not high school. Really, I may not have seen it since high school, which means all of my "real" dating experience (as an adult) came after. Maybe that's why this time I recognized almost every character for a horrible person I wouldn't want to spend time with, lolsob. I also got more of the references. I appreciated the fourth wall busting more, but I especially appreciated the message at the end more. In high school I was like, "Oh, yes, of course." But now it's like, "Hell yeah, we are friggin' lonely people and it really is so tragic to be lonely that we get into these awkward relationships and try to make things go or think we are" etc. etc. Speaking as a chick with an egg dearth, yeah.

On the way back:

The Grand Budapest Hotel

I read a couple lukewarm reviews and thoughts of friends who like Wes Anderson generally and were kind of "meh" or "it's formulaic" and I can totally see that, but I also feel like...well, that is why I go to a Wes Anderson movie. If it's one trick, it's a good trick. If you have a favorite ice cream shop some flavors are better than others, but they are all ice cream flavors? Maybe that is a stretch. Anyhow, Tony Revolori as Zero was great. He fit right in with the regulars, too. I hope he shows up again.


(When I looked over I realized out of four people in our row, me and two others were watching this, lol. SO POPULAR.)

I wrote about the Japanese translation of the title song without having seen the movie.  I haven't seen a Walt Disney Animation Studios film since Treasure Planet in 2002, I realized. That is weird. I was even looking forward to Winnie the Pooh. Ho well, anyways. I liked this pretty well. The musical style soundtrack worked really well. I had to get used to the animation at first — not used to faces that express like that, haha, but I liked the story okay. Good messages of not bottling up your troubles, sticking to your family, not rushing in...etc. Olaf is such a dork but his song had me in tears I was cracking up so hard.

The Jungle Book

They literally just do not make them like this anymore. That's all you can say. It was really interesting to see this for the first time since I was a little kid. So much of this movie bored me back then; I liked the scenes with Baloo and Louis, but the elephants and the vultures were basically snack time or bathroom break. Also I dunno what I thought back in elementary school, but now hearing these voices from the '67 I instantly feel, "Yeah, sounds like The Day." Not only do people not animate that way much anymore, they don't really talk that way anymore either.

So yeah, pretty good mix of flicks. Kind of wish I could have just slept better on the way back instead, but ya know.

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