Thursday, November 26, 2009


I've been thinking about the Third Street Gym for a pretty long time now. In fact, I wonder if I blogged about it the last time I looked at it...(but I'm not going to go look and see). Anyways, it is an actual possibility now, to join.


1) Lots of people. I watched their training video and it looks really good for you and fun, but it also looks like a TON TON TON of people.

2) I don't want to like...get in the head and be injured forever. I guess there is the danger of that with many things. And I guess you just have to be a good boxer and not get hit? Is that the idea? lol

I dunno. I think I would enjoy it, and I think it would get me in really good shape. Just being a pussy, I guess. Maybe I will try their beginner class on Saturday if they are open...

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