Sunday, November 29, 2009

Enshin Karate

Ok, I think I have this figured out. Enshin karate seems like it fits exactly what I want to get out of martial arts — Japanese and not just grappling or weird elbow bends :) Karate was the obvious choice, but most of the highly rated places in San Francisco are out where I used to live (Taravalish). This place I'm looking into now, though, is in Japantown, which is ideal. Not that the Mission wouldn't be ideal, but...Japantown is nice because I like to be there anyways. Also, the instructor is Japanese. I really hope that a) their schedule fits my schedule and b) they have room for me. I hope I hope.

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MilkManX said...

So have you trained there? I train in TUCSON AZ and just stumbled on your post here. I love it.