Sunday, October 18, 2009

Thinking about tris again. Thinking about lots.

I went jogging yesterday for 7 minutes and I'm very sore today to the point where I had to flake on a potential tennis partner. Luckily, he was hungover this morning and was also inclined to flake :)

Things are going pretty well in general. I never update this blog anymore, I see, but I'm not sure what it would be for when I have Twitter and my study blog.

Jogging was interesting. I felt pretty good until the muscles in my back started getting tight. Today I am feeling it a lot in my left ankle/calf (which is a little scary since that was the tendinitis foot last winter). I stopped at a stoplight, though, and nearly threw up. That's when I decided to start walking, so I could concentrate on continuing to not throw up.

Today back, calves (especially left), thighs all sore. Knees are fine, though, which is good. Maybe I'll give it another shot tomorrow, after drinking more water. I need to get some good headphones that I can run with. Buds don't work for me.

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