Sunday, March 29, 2009

Party = canceled (and other assorted end of the day ramblings)

My new job is so cool that I cannot have a Eurovision party this year. WOWOW -_-


Meh, it's ok. I can still watch the videos and everything will be on youtube later, anyhow.

I guess.


In other news, I'm really tired? That isn't news these days. Spending time with the 9er (Is that nickname number three now? It won't last much longer, but it should still count. For some reason this kid is really good at sprouting spontaneous nicknames...) is reminding me how weird it is the way being a kid works. I mean, we all used to be goofy little kids. What the heck? There was a period of time in high school where I was really upset about the ways I had changed. Now I guess I'm over it. Maybe I've had a paradigm shift, or maybe I don't care, or maybe I really was a little too silly sometimes as a kid.

Who am I kidding? I'm still a little too silly sometimes.

I'm guessing I will have to go be on a jury tomorrow. That sort of throws a wrench or five in a lot of things.

I really really really need a vacation more than anything right now. Just some time for nothing. For lolling about drinking tea and reading books and playing videogames and watching cartoons and learning to ride my new bike@ around the best city in the world*.

@ Yeah, I might be getting a bike tomorrow. Then it's time to train train train until I am pro-commuter girl.

*Heartfelt hyperbole. Despite loving Paris and Tokyo and New York, though, San Francisco really does have something pretty freaking rad. Maybe it's the hills. I keep coming back to that.

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