Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Distracted by the future

I'm REALLY preoccupied, which is bad because I have so many things to do RIGHT NOW. It's another one of those hinge moments, though, where everything is going to change DRAMATICALLY so you just want to know what's going on, don't want to/can't make too many plans, need to just hold tight a little longer.

I just want to know what my life is going to be like. No matter what I have to make some changes:

On the one hand we have the super commuter girl, gradually working up to CalTraining with her bike (new hobby) and riding 24 miles a day, employed full-time at an awesome company, presumably making an actual living.

On the other we have isolationist contractor girl, holed up in her house doing work online, walking everywhere to save money on BART, ultra poor, getting creative with meal planning (new hobby).

Granted the latter is just about what I am now, except I think I would really have to take a harder look at my budget, since things aren't really working.

Can't wait until things pan out!

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