Sunday, March 29, 2009

007 and other such fun

I learned this game from a fourth grader yesterday. It's like janken only with deeper strategy. Or at least I feel like the strategy is deeper.

Pat your legs as you chant "double" and then "O" ending with two beats of hand gesture "se-ven" in one of three positions:

reloading your gun
arms crossed over your chest (defense)

You can only shoot if you have loaded, but if you are loading when someone is shooting, you die. So for instance let me see if I can remember what happened last night.

Double O: We both loaded.

Double O: I let him shoot and blocked, myself.

Double O: I think we both reloaded.

Double O: I let him shoot and blocked, myself.

Double O: I shot and won.

If you want to be no fun you could just block the whole time, but that would get old.

Maybe I will teach him how to play jan-ken with "atchi muite hoi," although I would have to practice myself first.

Oh that reminds me of standing in line for the Ghibli Museum last time I was in Japan. There were these kids playing and instead of saying, "Aiko desho?" the boy said, "Atchi muite hoi" and his sister started making SO MUCH fun of him, even to the point of calling her mom and dad, "Hahaha, he said atchi muite hoi instead of aiko desho!!!! XD XD XD"

There was also a really good jump rope chant (apparently he can double dutch) but I can't remember it. It's not one we used when I was a kid, but I never really know the jump rope chants. This one was something about yadda yadda "Who's your girlfriend? I forgot! Is she A? Is she B? Is she C?" etc. Something like that. Very cute.

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