Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Came, kayaked, conquered

What? Man, I never blog anymore and the fact of the matter is that I don't have TIME at the end of my JAM PACKED days to kick back and reflect. Sometimes I reflect during the day, but I can't call for a break and post it right then, so the moment passes and yet again we are left with a huge gap and a pointless whiny "I'm not posting in my blog" post.


See now I can't even remember what I was going to post. Oh, maybe it was something about my new pseudo-not-really-studying tactic of compiling videogame related vocabulary at the game-no-vocab blog. In fact, I think I will change the title to make it that stupid Japanglish, because ゲームの単語 looks sort of intimidating.

I bet it wasn't, though. It seems like I should have a lot more to say about all the crazy gourmet food we ate and the cocktail hours and the dogs and the lake and the Canadians, but I don't really. I mean, I could, but then my flight back got delayed for four hours and I didn't get home until 3 am. I'm just glad to be back.

I REALLY missed San Francisco. More than the Internet, if you can believe that. It was fun to see my Dad and hang out in the woods, but man, having a sunny day in San Francisco today really made me smile...and bounce off the walls. I'm such a dork when I'm happy XD

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