Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Yum, in fact

I meant to put pepper on this sandwich, but then I forgot. It's sort of like taking pictures of your food, adding pepper. If you are hungry and enthusiastic about eating, you will forget.

At least if you are me.

It is also like adding Parmesan cheese to pizza, but that's not really something to do all the time, anyhow.

So, I think all the pipes in the building run past my room. No matter who is taking a shower, I seem to wake up. This time, though, it was the neighbors directly through the wall. I lie awake and take a minute to decide from whence disturbances appear to be arising, and this morning it was definitely there. Our bathroom is also just through my wall, but it is the other wall.

I listened to a LOT of music yesterday and somehow I still have someone else's stuck in my head! But then, this is a good thing. Much better than the 90 thousand-th repitition of Buddy Holly (which...isn't mine either. Blame that one on Rock Band.) Of course, now that I say that I'm the danger has become imminent.

Oops, I meant to take the trash out yesterday.

I suppose now that I am awake I can use my consciousness to my advantage. The start of the day was me finally feeling that maybe I've slept long enough on the floor. For instance, my neck is killing me. Perhaps the key to floor sleep is an extra pillow, but I don't actually have one of those. It would be awkward to use the small, but bulky throw pillows that came with my (momentarily) superfluous couch, but clearly my sleeping self needs something, because I keep waking up with my ugly monster either behind my head or very near it.

The continuation of the day will be work, work, work, and this I am grateful for. Sometimes I don't feel thoroughly prepared, but when I wake up early I have more time.

PS - The poster in the background of this picture is brilliant. Like, prime Euro-bishi. Wowow. Also, I still really like that blog. It never gets less interesting.

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