Saturday, July 05, 2008

July 4th in The Mission and Beyond

Oh, a Friday holiday! Somehow despite the fact that my schedule doesn't really change, I was already mistaking it for Saturday on Thursday, which I guess I was mistaking for Friday. In reality, it wasn't Saturday until TODAY. Battle Hooch tonight. Wewt!

I think many things can currently best be described by one of my favorite if less-oftenly used words: copacetic. I have found that magical space and time.

Yesterday I worked, went to my roomie's friends' BBQ, came home, and worked, socialized via the Internet. Met a slew of new people at that BBQ, not sure if any of them will stick or not (in terms of me--I'm sure I'll see at least some of them again, as they are friends of the roommate!) It's not too early to tell, it's just copacetic and nothing more.

His friends have a particularly large and awesome...condo? in the Haight, to which we walked from our place in The Mission. You know, it's a great walk. San Francisco, in general, is a great walk. I have full confidence that I would thoroughly enjoy walking to the wharf, to Ocean Beach, to the embarcadero--to pretty much anywhere at all worth going--if given a day of copacetic weather.

And I think in San Francisco, copacetic is often the best you can hope for (!!) It's not often sheer brilliance, but it does seem to more than do you good. Yesterday it turned pretty cold after a while, though, so I peeled out of the party a bit before Josh did.

Today will entail more games. Two of these assignments will wrap up quickly (Monday and Tueday, I imagine) and then I can get to my belated review of Tactics A2. To continue dancing around my main plot point (as of yet unresolved, but rather perfectly fitting the description, copacetic), The Bourne Identity is...either copacetic or slightly better. I haven't decided. Probably just a solid copacetic. It may well depend on how this awkward and frustrating tank fight turns out--unprecedented pain and death, so far!

Last night there were fireworks out the window, which I barely witnessed. The Mission was full of hoodlums shooting off their own (illegal?) varieties, so the cops were out. There weren't nearly as many as I thought there would be, though. I mean, I remember in the Bronx it was just crazy firecrackers, but then maybe the laws are different there. I stayed up till like 3, though, and there were still bangs going off then, on occasion.

Of to work with me, now! Work and a shower. This is the contents of my day, pre-concert. I am happy about it, but at the same time a bit miffed because I know that many more tank deaths await...

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