Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A House and a Crazy

I have a place to live!

Good. Glad that's out of the way.

It will be much much MUCH better there once I have Internet, which is thankfully (in time for the holiday!) on Monday.

I am certainly a very busy person. Still. I hope that I shall always continue to be one.

Focusing more on health would be good, though. Since my job is the anti-health hahaha Couch potato! If only I had a couch!

Other than that...there are probably things I mean to blog about...

Like how someone painted over my door in French, "Protect us, St. Christopher" and also something in Japanese.

Or how I never really see my roommates very often.'m going to the FFXI Fan Festival this weekend :D

For Gamasutra!

Nooz abounds, but it seems sort of silly to ramble about it here. I ramble about it all day anyhow ;p

I can't wait for my PC to have internet so I can a) fill out invoices b) update my game blog.

I can spaz about Elebits heh

'n stuff

Wow, this is a pointless blog entry! I think I just wanted to emphasize that I have NO FREE TIME and am in fact, working even now.


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