Monday, August 06, 2007

Catch-up blog day

PREPARE TO BE INUNDATED. Ok, not really. But I'm hoping for like three posts today of which this is clearly the first.

1 (this one) - most recent happenings
2 - my own personal anime club
3 - three weekends ago (or whenever that was)

Obviously I've been REALLY BUSY. That seems to be what I tell people, what goes in my blog, and how I feel. QUITE busy. This weekend I finally got to a point where I had some free time and it was weird. I studied, I read some Harry Potter, I got ahead on work, I played a game that wasn't work, I watched anime (to be elaborated on later), and even got ahead on work because I was BORED.

The thing I really meant to blog about, though, was how my friend left for JET on Saturday. It's a weird feeling, because I probably could've been going right with him if I had applied. It's pretty much the same feeling I get while not applying to this Nitendo job that I stupidly explained to everyone (so now they expect me to get it). Just because you think you're good enough for something, does that mean you have to do it? I like doing what I do now. I'd rather be doing it full-time for someone, or at least I have an idea I would, but writing reviews and especially previews of videogames is a job I can continue doing for quite some time. Maybe that makes me boring.

We went out for lunch in J-town, before his orientation on Friday. He had beef curry and I had some fusion spaghetti. For dessert, we split the most insane crepe (which I believe I have had before with Scotty and which is probably the only one I will ever order at that place because it's delicious and amazing) with green tea ice cream, red bean, kuromitsu, strawberries, and whipped I forgetting anything? It's pretty intense. Anyways, the point was, he was leaving the next day for a year+ in Japan and I was not. Well, no, that wasn't the point, but it's my point now. It just felt weird, like I wasn't living up to my potential or something. Not like JET is a measure of THE MOST EXTREME POTENTIAL LIMIT or anything, but I had always envisioned myself living in Japan, at least for a while, and I'm not there.

I'm here, of course, which is something I had never imagined. Well, I guess I did at some point, since that's how it all happened, but it wasn't something I had ever wished for on a star in high school or something. My life pretty much rocks, so I feel like things are good. Am I getting stuck in a rut? A six month rut? Is that even possible? I dunno. Change is great, but I want to make sure I'm moving in a direction that goes somewhere. Ideally, living in Japan doing what I'm doing now. That would make sense. But I wonder if I'm screwing myself over by not trying to get more opportunities.

But that's ridiculous anyways. I've made myself a ZILLION opportunities in the last month alone. I dunno. When it comes down to it I'm partly envious, but I know it's dumb to be envious, especially with a job like mine. My friend said I could always apply later and that's totally true. I dunno. It's just a weird feeling, seeing other people carrying out plans you used to have.

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