Friday, August 17, 2007

The awful dream and its sequel

Well, of course I'm still behind on my blog. Quite behind. But I'm awake early enough that I don't necessarily feel compelled to start working right away (which is bad, because I really have way too much stuff to do) SO I'm gonna describe the creepy dreams I had.

First of all, there were two and I'm pretty sure they took place in the same city. What city that was or if it exists (doubtful) I have no idea, but in the first dream it was also apparently part of a video game. There were various characters, most of whom I seemed to trust, but with one in particular our relationship degraded severely over time.

Getting around the city was fun, except when you were bombarded with salespeople handing out fliers. This happened on occasion and it seemed to me (even in the dream) that these were the fodder enemies of the game. Just there to be obnoxious and slow things down a bit. But they could also come at you in huge groups and be very overwhelming. In fact, when I woke up (with an audible yelp, so you know it must've been pretty bad) I was struggling to get through a doorway and they were all holding me back, trying to pass me free samples and pamphlets.

That was not nearly the most disturbing part of the dream though. There was one point (I assume there was some kind of storyline, since it was a pretty detailed dream, but I only remember the most harrowing portions) where I was sitting with two guys. One was across the sitting area, but the other was on a couch next to me. The latter was upset for some reason. Can't remember why. Anyways, he started crying and I felt bad so I was trying to hug him and say something encouraging. I don't remember. Next thing I know he's not crying, but pawing at me. Like, literally. Scraping his fingers (and then teeth) over my ribcage. And it wasn't like a, "haha I'm joking this is silly" more like a "haha I'm going to rape you and check out my creepy fetish of wanting to rip you to shreds with my bare hands" It was immediately obvious that that was what was going on. He was trying to dig a hole in my torso and it was super disgusting. So anyhow I screamed bloody murder and somehow kicked him off (the other guy did nothing at all) and then ran away.

I ended up meeting one of my friends (in the dream, anyhow) and told him what happened and that's how I learned it was a game. He said there are some characters in there that are challenging, so you have to just learn how to deal with them. And I told him something along the lines of that yeah, I understood that, but it was just really distressing. He didn't seem to have too much sympathy, but by then he was one of the only characters I felt like I could talk to.

There was one other character near the end that I started trusting, but I don't remember what the scenario was. I ended up inviting him to my house for some reason, an Asian guy, I think he was in trouble and needed help as well. I forgot what happened, though...

Then came that scene where I woke up. I was pretty creeped out, mostly about the fetish rapist, so I wanted to wake up the boy and get a hug, but it turned out that I woke him up out of his own nightmare, so we really didn't talk much, but just tried to go back to sleep.

I ended up having another dream, and like I said, it took place in the same city, but then this time I don't think it was a videogame.

I was actually a games journalist (person, thingy whatever the hell) in there, too, but a friend and I decided to join a theater group. Well, I think we were sort of tricked into it (somehow, dunno how) but after the fact we decided it might be fun. My character was actually one of the main ones, named Quitty. The premise, or at least the opening premise, of the play was that my character was transformed to resemble a slightly larger version of this mouse-sized person with no legs. Then I guess the rest of the thing was the trials and tribulations or something of being in that situation. It seemed compelling at the time, probably because that little mouse-sized thing was real.

It turned out that practice was going to be from like 12 to 7 or 10 or something, nearly everyday until the show came out in...October? So we had like a month and a half or so to practice. I had no idea how I was supposed to do that and get all my tons of work done, but I decided it would be worth it.

Some other things happened, like there was a restaurant or a convenience store, but I can't remember what went on there. Also I remember going home, but I don't remember what it looked like (although I think there was a garage??) or what I did after that...

Needless to say, the second dream was much better than the first, even though it challenged my ability to get things done even further than I already am irl.

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