Monday, August 06, 2007

AH ha ha

SO at least ONE avid reader has called me on my failure to inundate, although if you look closely you'll notice I wasn't really promising so much at all!

The real problem here is that I am much keener on being out doing things than writing about them. Writing is certainly important, but being out doing things is MOREso. In fact, if you never did anything, you wouldn't have much to write about.

So in the case of today I was off eating a mountain of cheesecake while pretending to know Japanese and messing up on the movie times, causing us to instead end up in my living room with a Genki II book between us, translating dialogs for bilingual practice. YAY!

Also applying for that Nintendo job finally NOT after being endlessly pestered-- although I did try last night to no avail-- NO, the final straw was that one of the OTHER ripten writers got a phone interview. That's INSANE. I would very much like in on the action, so my hand is on the table. We'll see what happens!


my personal anime club - I wanted to spend some time taking screenshots of the appropriate shows, but this is time consuming and ultimately not that important besides a little jazz on this otherwise TERRIBLY WORDY blog. So, erm, not happening. The crux of the post was going to be how I was introduced to this GREAT WEBSITE by my friend who is now in Japan. With all the streaming anime and drama goodness, my schedule is...well, actually my schedule is pretty manageable at the moment. This is two days in a row that I have worked, watched anime, studied Japanese, and read more Harry Potter--way to go!! *flash of the two-fingered victory*

There are so many shows to watch and I keep finding more and more that are MUST SEES. For instance, Kayo told me today that for those 25-30 (or for those who would be culturally aware of the...erm...generation?) Touch is a must-see/read. Currently, I'm checking out Kimagure Orange Road, which I've been wanting to watch for just about ever. Retro anime ALL THE WAY. Or rather, half of the way, because the show I'm watching it back to back with is Denno Coil, which as you could see if you clicked the link, is brand spanking, not-even-through-its-original-run new. How exciting!

Both are wonderful in their own special ways. The former in that ORIGIN OF ALL CLICHES way and the latter in that funky character design, fluffy cyberspace way. Maybe I'll talk about them more later. I'm only up to the fourth ep...

three weekends ago (or whenever that was) - The problem with this post is that I am too lazy to take the pictures off of my camera, fiddle around with them, and post them finally to the Internet. What happened is actually quite simple. The boy and I had an outing to the Zoo, which was pretty brilliant besides their near complete lack of reptiles. We also ate Chinese food!

Then the very next day I forgot to wear sunscreen ON A BOAT (!) with Ian and his visiting friends. We sailed around the bay like a band of merry rogues and then indulged in Ghiradelli sundaes. After gallery-hopping down the street, we decided it was time to head further afield, but not so far as J-town. Eventually settled on Washington Square Park, which according to Ian looked bigger in the painting (or was that his friend who said that? Someone was dissatisfied with the size of the park...hmm hmm hmmmmm) In any case, we weren't there long because the idea had been to have a walk to get hungry for dinner. But after that we decided not to have any, so I got a ride home and put aloe on my face!!!


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