Thursday, July 12, 2007

Snacky Slug's Stupid Fuck-Off Day

This is the syndrome of me as a stay-at-home freelancer. This is why I hate staying at home! That's why I thought wcities would be so great. Big walk to work every morning. Big walk home. Interacting with people IN THE WORLD instead of in the literal closet. (That's where my computer is, for those who've forgotten.)

I guess it's just one crummy day and of course it's compounded by the fact that I'm playing Japanese games I can't understand. I have no idea what I'm going to write about any of this stuff and it's really really discouraging, if not downright depressing. Then there's the matter of the mail, which should have been delivered and was not, at least not TO me. Granted, it's probably our fault that the buzzer doesn't work, but I specifically requested that the thing be sent in a way that made it end up in my ACTUAL mailbox WHERE THE MAIL SHOULD JUST AUTOMATICALLY GO. Yesterday the UPS managed to tag a note on my door in the building, so I figured they would just knock today, but it must've been a fluke. Found a sticker on the door outside when I went out to buy...chips...



So today is shaping up to be a spectacular failure in pretty much every way. And I'm tired. There is absolutely no reason to be tired, but I am. I hate not having a reason to be tired. The best days are the ones where you absolutely kick your fucking ass and then go to bed feeling like you deserve it. I dunno if I'm gonna get many of those...

I guess the only upside is that I've been lent a copy of Lumines and enjoy that quite a bit...guiltily, when I know I'm supposed to be doing something else.

Thanks for stopping by the emo post of the week! Regularly scheduled programming to return tomorrow...or the day after.


Anonymous said...

well i went partially blind this week. It may heal soon said the doctor. really tho...who ima i? just a youtube kid trying to upload a 2 minute clip that takes five hours. i need glasses. i can barely see now

Anonymous said...

chemical accident. my vision is as if i am under water.
right it should go away. not to ubother anything You see they say bats are blind? i used a bottle of eye dialator mistaken for clear eyes.. It might not be permanent, four days ago
/magnifying glass
o*uch i can't see
cooking an apple portabella onion tomato and cheese sandwich is hard when you can't see anything'