Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Bloggy blog

Man, I always feel like I'm stealing time to blog. Like, right now I should be doing a hundred other things, but I'm sitting here typing about nothing. I should be studying Japanese or reading or working on a feature or getting ready to leave! Blah!

But no, I should really blog about the weekend before it's next week because Sunday was such a good day. I got the bathroom clean, so if we do what I did and split the place into four "rooms," then we can almost say I got 3/4 of the way done cleaning this weekend. Of course, laundry is a very big chunk of that and I only got a tiny bit of that done, so it probably equals out to more like half.

Also went on a shopping quest for cute clothes, but they didn't have the skirt I wanted in my size. Not a complete failure, though, because I found a cute tank that it's never going to be hot enough for me to wear *sniff* That's another thing I liked about Wisconsin. It was summer and you KNEW it. HOT out. Oh well, I mean it's not like not sweating and sitting around like a lump was any good for me, but I liked being hot for a change instead of cold or accidentally too hot because I expected to be cold.

After shopping we dropped our stuff off at home and went to the newly remodeled and re-everything'd Nob Hill Grille. Used to be a diner, but it's turned all swanky and expensive. We had a date. The boy had steak (which was so tender and delicious) and I had chicken (which was equally so.) Everything was so good that we didn't have room for dessert, which we'll have to do another time because I bet they have something crazy good like mocha cheesecake or something. I'll be disappointed if they don't ;p

Ok ok ok, and now, WHY DIDN'T I REALIZE THE SEASON WAS OVER? The boy brought it up all nonchalantly and I nearly cried. It really snuck up on me. Thirteen episodes all blown by like nothing. X-mas is too far away! We decided to watch oldies until then. Sundays just need some Doctor Who.

Anyhow, yeah, Sunday was pretty dreamy. Even managed to fit in a little gaming. It was a perfect balance of yucky chores and fun happy.

As for today...it will be my first full day at wcities. I hope I can take seven hours. It can be a bit of a slog, but I think the break schedule is definitely fair. And at the end of it I get to wander over to 1Up and have anime club, so I think it should be ok. We'll see...

And then Wednesday is my last day at the grocery store! Sweet. I will maybe have more to say about that later. I had some things to say, but you can't blog instantly from your head yet, so I forgot them.

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