Monday, November 04, 2013

Note from the new abroad

Maybe you noticed I quit updating my overseas blog. It's because what used to count for overseas is now flip-flopped. I've been the states for a little over a week now and will head back to Tokyo on the 9th.

I'm not being Tokyo-centric, I'm just being honest. Returning to Japan for me, does actually mean to Tokyo, at least for now.

My goal for the afternoon is to either avoid eating pumpkin pie or being ok with eating more pumpkin pie. I can't decide which.

It seems like since I've gotten to visit relatives and see my brother graduate with his B.A. in computer animation and bake cookies and am on my way tomorrow to live it up in San Francisco for the rest of the week that I have gotten everything done that I felt like doing. What's kind of weird is that I can't really see myself living in any of the places I've been. Even SF has a kind of "been there" kind of feeling, which is strange, considering how much I like it there.

I decided to be ok with eating more pumpkin pie.

Anyways, who knows if Tokyo is the final answer either. Especially if I decide to go for the MA, which WOULD actually land me back in the states, or the UK. Before I do that though I need to find out what "significant preparation in one or more literary traditions" even means.

I finished the third story in きつねのはなし. It seemed to reach the conclusion I thought it would but in a hazier way than I imagined it might.

Other than that, still marching through that Yale Lit Crit class. It's really fun. I wish I weren't doing it alone. I love doing the readings and then being like, "Hm, I hope the prof goes over this concept." Of course, I can't ask questions so it's a little frustrating, but the fact that I can get talked at for 50 minutes about literature whenever I feel like, for free, is pretty nifty.

It's after three. Was writing this blog to put off deciding what to do, I guess I'm kind of out of time to decide. Just gotta do.

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