Wednesday, January 02, 2013

2012 in 5 minutes


In January and February I was doing a lot of anime/manga/videogame news blogging and some reviews and things. I was doing a lot a lot of that because I had already quit my job at Twitter. I was basically just chillin' in my studio in SF until moving to Japan.

A co-worker came to visit and we had some really productive working hours followed by really productive (in terms of relaxation and fun) leisure hours. I don't remember what month that was. I guess maybe Feburary?

My mom and her husband came to visit which meant I got to take them to my favorite restaurant before leaving. They also helped me pack up the rest of my apt that the Task Rabbit I hired didn't already help me pack up.

In the end, I moved to a hotel for the last night and then I was gone.

I reappeared, though, in Tokyo. There is some stuff about it on my other blog, but I was in school from April through July. Turned 27, then had summer vacation, which was less productive than hoped but I dunno, I worked on a farm for a week, volunteered as an interpreter at TGS,

*five minutes goes by really fast*

It was mostly school. And strange social relationships. 2012. It was probably the best number of year that I will live, because I like 12. It ended. I'm still in school and being social is still sometimes rather strange.

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