Sunday, June 07, 2009

I work for Twitter! :D

I think the whole world knows about it now except this blog. Poor blog! Even the bike blog got the news before you!

Let's see, though. It's funny, because it's not as if I was expressingly looking to escape Cryptic or something. No, I loved my job! And the commute was treating me as well as it could have. I just saw the posting on their site over the three-day weekend, wrote what I considered to be a kick-ass application, and apparently someone at Twitter was a) reading applications on Memorial Day b) agreed with me, because they requested a phone interview between the 1st and 12th.

The 1st worked for me, so we did that. I was locked out of my house at the time, so I took the call in Dolores Park, which was fabulous. It went very well -- so well that I had my second phone interview that afternoon (from my friend, Daniel's, living room). Then they wanted me in the office -- asap! So I went in on Wednesday and met six people, all of whom seemed really cool. Biz Stone and I talked about random life stuff (in addition to Twitter). It was so chill, haha. The next day I met two more people, and that was that. It really was, too. Got the offer that afternoon, bing-bam-pow, start on Tuesday.

I'm still not entirely sure how it happened, even though I feel like I just explained it.

Quite excited about the whole thing. There are less than 60 people who work for Twitter and now I am one of them o_O Can't wait to start!

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op said...

congrats, again! i am so proud!