Monday, May 18, 2009

Post-Eurovision: Top Three

Surprisingly, I managed to pick the winner. HOW did Norway win? I have no idea. As I tweeted, it must have been all teen girls voting or something, because he was certainly the cutest, and his whimsically emo (as I FB'd) song surely stole more than just MY heart ;p

My top three:

Moldova (from the 2nd semi-final, but obviously they did a decent job to make it through)

Armenia (video from the first semi-final)

and finally, Norway -- w00t

Fairytale Official ESC 2009 Video

I'm part Norwegian, although I don't speak it...yet. How cool would it be to study for a year and then go to the freaking Eurovision finals? I dunno how I would make enough money for a trip like that, but boy it would kick ass.

Edit: Wow, apparently no country has every scored as many points as his song did: 387. Way to freaking go, man.

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