Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Urgh @_@ Plus: Mates of State, Haircut, Jury Duty, Cycling Adventures

Urgh @_@

So I'm running completely on sugar free RockStar right now, feeling a bit horrible, haha. I decided it would be smart to walk home at 3 am, stopping off at Orphan Andy's for some late night food, uhm, and generally not sleeping. My allergies are going bonkers for some reason. Dust, pollen, all that air junk is messing me up.

Mates of State

Were in town tonight at The Independent. I felt sort of bad because the bf had meant to make it (had a ticket and all) but MoS went on second instead of last. Anyways, I was really excited to see them. It's been quite a while, and this time I got up really close (only one girl between me and the stage) and really rocked out. Love their music, love the chemistry they radiate as they play together. They smile at each other and the whole world feels right.


I'm gonna link to another Yelp review, mostly because I have been Yelping a lot, but also because it will be a good illustration of how awesome the salon is and what a deal I got. Then I can just focus on the haircut itself.

Yep, that's the one. What's interesting is that despite the fact that it is a boy haircut, people seem to think I'm a girl now. I guess the boy cut highlights what little femininity I possess. Of course, I'm pretty sure all the lesbians are checking me out now, but that is fine. What is hilarious, is that I think I caught the eye of some tourists in the Castro today, "Look honey, a real live twink!" (Nobody actually said this, but this is the feeling I got. I could just be high on my haircut ;D) Anyways, time will tell whether I am still ambiguous or really just broadcasting lesbian all over the place.

Jury Duty officially over as of Thursday of last week. Nope, I didn't think of baking cookies for everyone until after. I could describe the trial in detail now (domestic violence in my neighborhood, albeit not the exact part of it that I live in), but I think I will just say that I actually really enjoyed the experience and would recommend not trying to get around it. That is really just me. I think for many people it stresses them out to have to shoulder the responsibility of making such an important decision and also feels like a hassle since you miss work, but it's great to exercise some critical thinking and group facilitation and things. During the deliberation phase I talked a lot, took notes on the blackboard while we compared inconsistencies in testimonies from both sides, pushed early for a vote just to gauge how aligned we were (had to be unanimous, which it was in the end). We found our defendant not guilty. The prosecution had a very tough case, and he knew it. I think my favorite part was getting the chance to talk with the lawyers afterwards. I expected to just sort of head out, but the judge mentioned that the lawyers would really appreciate feedback, so we all hung out in the hall for a bit, and I learned that you CAN ask leading questions on a cross-examination.

Anyways, I know that my experience was a really easy one (just four days a week, three hours in the afternoon, a tad over two weeks like that) and more interesting than many cases (people were mentioning asbestos trials that last for months), but I would still like to do it again. I'll never try to purposely get dismissed.

Cycling Adventures

I had planned on keeping a better record of where I've been biking. In fact, I'm considering starting a biking blog, since I am going to be doing so much of it and am really getting into it. Bicycling is one of the most exciting things I have going on, really, and it just seems like it would be more of a resource for people if I break off the topic. Maybe I will just do that (and NOT call it "Cycling Adventures" ;p)


op said...

1) I am so envious of your MoS concert experience. If I were there, I would have been dancing and having fun. Do they have a new album out?

2) Ahhh, your hair is so short! Looking at the FB pics, I must say I like spiked over non-spiked. You do look less like a boy and more like a lesbian, haha. I wonder if you'll get girls hitting on you more now.

3) I have never been to jury duty. But I have been summoned. Once I went and it didn't go past the first day. The second time I was called for duty in SF after I had moved up here. But since you wrote about it in such a positive light, I will try not to grumble the next time I get summoned. It's a break from work, and it could be interesting.

4) Yay bike blog! I am excited to read about your progress. When the weather gets warmer in Seattle, I am going to buy a bike. Not sure if I should go the new or used route. But I do miss riding. I gave my bike to my mom when I moved up.

Emily said...

1) It came out last year, I think. Don't think there's another one. Tour this time around :D

2) Dunno! I have heard flat is better, but only from one person. Stylish lesbian vs. out-of-fashion boy, seemed to be his thought.

3) Yeah, that's what I figure. Something different. I also liked the added structure to the day (of course, most people have enough of that...)

4) Yay, bike! Once you start shopping around or riding or whenever you want, you could start writing for the bike blog. It'd be cool to be able to have perspectives from two different cities :D And you have more experience than me :D