Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I think I had something I wanted to blog about

but I can't remember what that was. Lately things just sorta keep going on. They happen. I still need a new apt.

I'm finally reading some more Tom Robbins, which is a good thing. Remember when I read Villa Incognito? That was like LAST last summer. Sheesh. Now I'm reading Half Asleep in Frog Pajamas.

Got a sweet new wallpaper for my work computer:

I love the texture and the colors. Despair is sunshiny!

Got some fun work and some silly work, but tonight I'm hanging out with Oleya.

I'm gonna change my title to something else. People are already accusing me of meaning something by it o_o

"The forgotten once the hay bale is removed? The final curly one that doesn't have chocolate milk-caked insides? >_<"

That was more what I was going for. It's ok, though.

I'll think of something else.


op said...

i wish we could live together...bah! bah, i say.

Anonymous said...

Excelsior...I drink more tea with sock dragon puppet hands. Well yes, that's the best.

Emily said...