Wednesday, March 03, 2010

5 steps to furthering food education

The end of chapter three of this book has some exercises, one of which is to set 5 food education goals.

1. I have a few cookbooks I could cook through.
2. Some websites I'd like to look at.
3. Try to find some more friends who are really serious about food...
4. Outfit my own kitchen.
5. Volunteer.

It's all kind of vague stuff that I think about pretty often. I had a cooking club, after all. Just the timing is not quite there. Really I think you can put 4900 on that list. We're eating a lot of things and going out of our way for them. This project is opening up just how much the city has to offer. There are still TONS of places in my neighborhood I haven't eaten. It's good to branch out no matter how great your favorite places are....

Soooooo no deadlines. The book says to have deadlines for each of these thing, but right now. I mean the one deadline I can offer is that by February of next year (and likely before then) Josh and I will have completed the 7X7 list. There are some other lists I can already think of to work on, so I may continue in that vein. And it might be good to start a journal about tasty and whatnot, just notes.

I'm tired again. These late dinner are getting to me. Gonna sack out soon so I can try to make it to the pool in the morning. Tonight I had a date but also ended up working late, so I didn't get to go.

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