Saturday, November 08, 2008

Loving Daniel Craig is a little like loving David Tennant...

but that don't make me love him any less ;D

Watching my first Bond movie. It wasn't meant to be like this lol. I was supposed to start at the beginning with Dr. No. Anyhow, given that I'm doing a guide for the Quantum of Solace game, I figured I should see [Casino Royale]. New movie next week! Yeeeeee-hoo.

Anyways this is trippy enough in and of itself given how much I love the other Casino Royale.

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Anonymous said...

...If it makes you feel any better, Casino Royale was the *first* Bond book (and also a reboot of the film series), so in a way you're starting from the beginning better than if you'd begun with Dr. No.

Casino Royale the film has a significantly retooled plot from Casino Royale the novel, but that's mostly because the book is hopelessly dated; it's all tied very heavily to the Cold War and fighting the Soviets:

The movie actually does a really good job of taking the major themes and character development points from the book and transplanting them into something more modern.