Thursday, September 27, 2007

Mosquito bites

I have a bunch, including one that is not bothering too much (contrary to what one may think) on my foot, but also two that are directly on top of the knuckles on my right hand which DO bother me quite a bit.

And there's been something in my eye, although may have finally worked itself back into my brain. Crossing my fingers. I feel a little better, though.

Japan was awesome, which you see as the other blog continues to unfold. Probably there will be some stuff up on 1Up again at some point too [and here I come back and edit what seems to be a serious plague of typographical errors...I can't seem to put two os on "too" for the life of me : /], but you can already check out my TGS '07 collected works (;p) minus the mag write up that has yet to be...polished...and of course, published, since that won't happen until December.

In the meantime, well, what meantime? I'm busy as hell, as usual. I made a new friend the other day. She treated me to Indian food for lunch since I am broke. I feel sort of bad for allowing myself to owe her lunch before she even really knows me, but we hit it off pretty well and she also, coincidentally, is friends with another fellow in the same building I live in-- I have a feeling we'll be hanging out A BIT. But not this weekend since she's going to visit Ian, which is how I got acquainted with her in the first place.

Well, saying I have an awful lot to do won't make me any less busy, so I should probably just get cracking. Hope everyone had a good month. Sept is pretty much gone...

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